Meet Mario Maffei, the visionary behind Verla International

  • Posted on: 30 December 2021
  • By: admin

Before he assumed the role of President/CEO of Verla International 41 years ago, Mario Maffei established himself as an innovator in the field of international commerce in a number of occupations. Prior to beginning his career at Verla International, Mario Maffei served as Vice-Consul of Panama in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While serving in this capacity, Mario Maffei represented the nation of Panama, which as we know contains one of the world’s most important commercial routes, the Panama Canal. As someone with ties to such an important commercial system as the Panama Canal, Mario Maffei developed a keen business savvy that carried over into his leadership role as President/ CEO of Verla International. Mario Maffei’s dedication to international commerce via the Panama Canal earned him a prestigious position in the Advisory Board for the Panama Canal, which was founded in 1999 to serve as a consultative group for the Canal enterprise in order to provide guidance and recommendation to the Canal Administration. Mario Maffei’s selfless service on the Advisory Board for the Panama Canal in conjunction with his Presidency/Chief Executive Officership of Verla International proves that Mario Maffei is dedicated to the benefits of international commerce as he is to Verla International and its employees. After all, the Canal Administration states that the Advisory Board consists of a select group of highly distinguished advisers who represent a solid cross section of world's transportation, trade, business, telecommunications, construction and development, academia, and the banking sector.” Mario Maffei’s inclusion in this description as a representative of global trade and business is a testimony to the impact Mario Maffei has made in his professional career, from Verla International to the Consulate of Panama. 

Mario Maffei’s service on the Advisory Board for the Panama Canal is hardly the only evidence of his visionary status in the sector of global business. During his time as President/CEO of Verla International, Mario Maffei engages in a number of philanthropic pursuits such as his service on the Board of Directors of the Global Cancer Institute, which is the only non-profit completely focused on improving survival rates for underserved cancer patients worldwide. Mario Maffei’s international business experience enables him to be an effective member of the Global Cancer Institute’s Board of Directors. Additionally, Mario Maffei served as Finance Committee Chair for the George Jackson Academy, a school whose mission is to educate high-achieving boys regardless of economic means as well as inspiring courage, integrity, empathy, and leadership in their students. Mario Maffei is a proud and upstanding global citizen all while serving as President/CEO of Verla International.