How Can Verla International Help Your Cosmetics Label Excel?

  • Posted on: 1 December 2021
  • By: admin

Since 1980, Verla international has been a partner to the most prestigious brands in the cosmetics industry. Offering more than 50 production lines for color cosmetics, creams, lotions, fragrances and nail polish, Verla International has what your cosmetics label needs to succeed. You can put full trust in the quality of Verla International’s wide line of products - after all, Verla International builds their own proprietary manufacturing equipment and creates and owns many of their cosmetic packaging molds. Verla International offers complete turn-key options from marketing guidance and cosmetic manufacturing to logistics including drop-shipping with complete EDI capabilities. If you operate a luxury label, retailer/electronic retailer, mass-market retailer, salon, TV cosmetics, or boutique channel, Verla International can revolutionize the way you sell cosmetics. 

Verla International offers:

  • Design Trends/Color forecasting

  • Product Development

  • Commercial Scale-up

  • Packaging Sourcing / Development

  • Compounding

  • Filling

  • Assembly

  • Distribution

Verla International’s products include: 

  • Fragranced Body Sprays 

  • Fragrance/Perfumes

  • Fragrance Filling

  • Face and Body Creams & Lotions

  • BB Creams & CC Creams

  • Lipsticks and Lip Stains 

  • Lip Glosses: Wand Formula and Hot Pour

  • Nail Polish and Polish Remover

  • Cream to Powders

  • Liquid Eyeliner

  • Eye and Hair Mascara

  • Foundations: Liquid and Hot Pours

  • Blush & Bronzers

  • Light Diffusing Highlighter Sticks

  • Body Glitter and Shimmer Gel & Sprays

  • Shower and Bath Gels & Scrubs

  • Bubble Bath

  • Hair Products

  • Spa Products

  • All Natural Formulations

  • Mineral Formulations

  • Specialty Formulas


To learn more about what Verla International can do for your specialty retail chain, department store, direct sales outlet, professional beauty service, TV cosmetic service, electronic retailer or boutique, visit or call 845-561-2440.